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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Advisor: Jamahl Jackson (Assistant Athletic Director)
Officers: Ian Chamenko, Chris Baglivi, Jen Chalk, Micaela Fraccalossi

2016-2017 Members


Sport(s) Represented Year in School
Brigette Arsenault ECPB '19
Chris Baglivi Men's Lacrosse '17
Andrew Blood Men's Lacrosse
Bethany Bonilla Women's Lacrosse '19
Shannon Brady Dance Team '17
Max Butterbrodt Men's Basketball '18
David Byrne Men's Golf '19
Maggie Carey Women's Soccer '17
Patrick Carty Men's Cross Country/Track '20
Jenifer Chalk Women's Basketball '17
Ian Chamenko Men's Cross Country/Track
Carly Church Women's Volleyball '19
Travis Cole Men's Soccer '19
Lindsay Curry Women's Lacrosse '19
Christopher Cutrali Men's Soccer '18
Micaela Fraccalossi Women's Track & Field '17
Zach Foley Men's Soccer '17
Brenna Gilmore Softball '17
Allie Gorrill Women's Cross Country '20
Katharine Journeay
Women's Volleyball
Mackenzie Katz Women's Lacrosse '18
Jill Kilcoyne
Juliana Rush
Women's Lacrosse
Casey Sheehan Women's Volleyball/Softball '19
Alexandra Simpson ECPB '19
Anthony Tzortzis Men's Soccer '20
Nicole Varca Women's Cross Country/Track '18

Mission Statement

Emmanuel College SAAC is dedicated to the Athletic and Academic advancement of student athletes, to strive to contribute, and enhance the overall quality of the educational experience by:

  • Encouraging unity, common purpose and camaraderie between teams and all athletes in the Athletic program.
  • Encouraging involvement of student athletes in campus and community life.
  • Acting as both a resource for student athletes and as a liaison to voice the concerns of student athletes to the athletic administration and vice versa.
  • Providing opportunities for development of character, citizenship, and leadership.
  • Increasing overall awareness of athletic matches and other events on campus.
  • Leading by learning from our successes and mistakes while continuing to grow.
  • Encouraging proper behavior at all home events/matches/games for athletes, staff, and spectators. Regardless of win or loss, upholding all NCAA sportsmanship guidelines, having our home be the most competitive, safe and fun environment to compete.